Unc0ver Update Adds Support Jailbreak iOS 12.3 | Please provide iOS 13

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The @Pwn20wnd group is out with another update for Unc0ver jailbreak. That plans to fix a portion of the dependability issues while jailbreak A7-A7X devices. The update additionally changes to a more current variant of the SockPort. Abuse that improves the dependability of the general jailbreak procedure to around 95%. The unc0ver v3.3.8 is NOW OUT – Now with support for all 4K devices on iOS 12.1.3-12.2. With 100% reliability and 100 milliseconds exploit run time with SockPort Without iOS 13 jailbreak any Beta Or Public Version.

Undecimus-v3.4.1.ipa 38.8 MB

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The most prominent improvement with this update is that it likewise enables one to jailbreak iOS 12.3.

jailbreak iOS 12.3

The catch however is that it is just restrict to iOS 12.3 beta 1 thus far. The endeavor has just been account for working effectively on the iPhone 5s. An update to Delusion jailbreak not long ago likewise included help for jailbreak certain iOS 12.3 beta forms. I found this shortcut a while back if you have Re Provision install. You can use it to download and install the latest unc0ver from your phone.

Unc0ver Gets Support For Jailbreak IOS 12.2 From Sock Puppet Exploit [Download] IOS 13

Jailbreak IOS 12.2

Unc0ver Full change-log of the Update: Not Include iOS 13 jailbreak Any Update

Fix the sandbox swap error when using the exploits that are not SockPuppet

Add the SockPort 1.5 exploit by @jakeajames for A7-A9X devices (Reliability: ~95% from extensive real-world testing)

Disable the SockPuppet exploit on A7-A7X due to reliability issues

Add iOS 12.3 support to the jailbreak (Verified working on iPhone 5s)

Fix a theoretical reliability bug with SockPuppet

Unc0ver change-log

The last update for Unc0ver jailbreak introduced some major speed improvements. And also added support for 4K devices like the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

Unc0ver Picks Up Support For ‘Sock Puppet’ Exploit, Now Supports Up To IOS 12.2 – IOS 13

At least he’s out here releasing updates constantly trying to get his Jailbreak. To work perfectly on all these devices and iOS 13 versions. It’s call trial by error. Unlike some other Jailbreak Developers who just rush their products out. You can refresh to the most recent arrival of Unc0ver jailbreak by refreshing the application through Cydia Impactor or Re-provision and afterward re-jailbreak your device. Make a point to look at the rundown of the best jailbreak changes and Cydia sources to have the most ideal jailbreak background.