iOS 15.3 Jailbreak Status: Now Can You Jailbreak iPhone?

أصدرت Checkra1n للتو أحدث إصدار لها – checkra1n 0.12.4. في الواقع ، تم تصميم checkra1n 0.12.3 بالفعل لدعم iOS 15.3 jailbreaking. Checkra1n 0.12.4 يعمل على إصلاح بعض الأخطاء بناءً على الإصدار السابق. في بعض الأحيان لا يعرف الناس كيفية تجاوز قفل الشاشة على IPhone عن طريق وضع الاسترداد بسبب العملية الخاطئة في وضع iPhone في وضع الاسترداد. إذا فشلت في وضع iPhone في وضع الاسترداد ، فيرجى تذكر محاولة تكرار الخطوات على النحو الوارد أعلاه.

By the passing time, Apple is making jailbreaking their iPhones harder and harder. The new version of iOS15.3. It was released just a few months ago to the normal public. Now by releasing points updates such as iOS 15.1, iOS 15.2, iOS 15.3 a new security patch and bug fixation have been provided to users with this update. Many of the iPhone users who were planning to jailbreak their iPhones, kindly read the post till the end as we have shared the Jailbreak status of the latest iOS 15.3.

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iOS 15.3 Jailbreak Status

As previously stated, Apple is making it increasingly difficult to jailbreak iPhones. For iOS 14.8 there was literally no jailbreak available. Furthermore, if jailbreaks become available on the most recent version of iOS 15, the company will simply patch it in the next update. In short, Apple does not want its customers to jailbreak their iPhones. This is extremely inconvenient if you intend to jailbreak your iPhone.

iOS 15.3 Jailbreak
iOS 15.3 Jailbreak

The dangerous wolf on Twitter has shared an update regarding jailbreaking in the latest iOS versions. He framed a tweet and said that “iOS 15.3 has a trick up its sleeve to make jailbreaking much harder: They made the root file system sealed, so modifying it directly would make your device unbootable.

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Every jailbreak must now be rootless and not modify OS files, The current jailbreak bootstraps assume writing to the root file system is OK and don’t work on iOS 15, including what checkra1n uses. (Procuress, the bootstrap for Taurine/ Odysseyra1n, has a rootless branch in progress)”

Is it Possible to Jailbreak iOS 15.3?

Attempting to jailbreak your iPhone from running the latest iOS 15.3 will simply render the device unbootable. If you intend to jailbreak your iPhone in the coming months, we advise you not to update it to the most recent iOS versions.

Anyway, any changes to the OS’s root filesystem will prevent your iPhone from booting, so any jailbreak must now be rootless and not modify any system files. Simply put, if you want to jailbreak your iPhone, you should use an older version of iOS.

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