[Fix Guide] iOS 12 iCloud DNS Bypass Server Not Responding

Apple’s Activation Lock feature first introduced in iOS 12 prevents thieves from using your stolen iPhone or iPad as their own, but a new trick has been discovered that allows users to bypass iOS 12 Activation Lock. A random glitch discovered in iOS 12 allows you to bypass iCloud Activation Lock process and reach the home screen from a locked device running any version of iOS 12.0.1. Activation Lock is a feature to that keeps thieves from actually using your iPhone as their own when they go to reset it, and it requires the original owner’s Apple ID username and password to reactivate the device after being remotely erased/wiped by the owner through Apple’s Find my iPhone service. However, a recent video shows that there’s a bypass that allows you to skip the above step and go straight to the home screen. Here’s how it’s done. Next you should tap on the menu, which can be found on the upper right, this will empower you to get to various capacities, for example, iCloud Locked Client Talk, Social, Web, Mail, Maps, YouTube, Video, Sound, Recreations and the sky is the limit from there. In any case, the above is impermanent, so in case you’re searching for a more perpetual answer for bypass iOS 12 activation lock I will share how to beneath.

bypass iCloud Activation Lock iOS 12
bypass iCloud Activation Lock iOS 12

iCloud DNS Bypass Server iOS 12/ 12.0.1/ 12.0.2 Development History

All began from my iCloud locked iPhone X that was purchased by me for parts. However, it was worked, aside from iCloud Activation lock. I needed to unlock it and use as photograph camera so I have sought approaches to do it.

I have been holding up Doulci iOS 12 bypass long time, I have even set up caution to wake up during the evening and don’t miss up their server enlistment. Be that as it may, it was pointless and a considerable measure of time spent in nerves pausing.

Amid inquiry of bypass I have discovered some intermediary servers that permit to utilize gadget and peruse few pages. Be that as it may, those servers was ordinary disconnected in light of the fact that over-burden, and they change IP deliver to frequently to have the capacity to utilize it.

Some time or another I chose to build up claim arrangement, and in one night I have created DNS server and HTTP server on C++. I have associated my locked iPhone and began seeking bugs without anyone else.

Amid seeking bugs, I have perused iOS 12 documents and discovered data that can’t be found in Web. In any event I have gathered all data and end up seeing how iOS 12 activation screen functions.

The server menu that you can see presently isn’t simply pages, it is created by exceptional content dialect that utilizations by Apple as it were. What’s more, utilizing it I have assemble interface from local components, it would seem that typical iOS 12 settings exchange.

iCloud Bypass and iOS 12 Devices Unlock With Commercial Service

The English administration with the self important name ” Official iPhone Unlock iOS 12 ” offers a lasting iOS 12 unlock. For just shy of 20 pounds (around 23 Euros), the supplier guarantees you the fruitful expulsion of an Activation Lock – unlocking any locked iOS gadget. Every single current adaptation of the iPhone, iPad and the iWatch are upheld.

You should indicate your iPhone IMEI or serial number when requesting and hold up around 3 days. At that point the telephone (purportedly) will be unlocked in the official Apple database and you can complete a typical re-activation. The upside of this technique is that you don’t need to do it again with each iOS 12 refresh, yet would now be able to perform refreshes as typical.

In this procedure, the past proprietor is viably separated from the gadget IMEI and you can begin your own particular login. Once the cell phone is signed into WiFi, it auto-supports and your telephone is prepared to utilize your new qualifications.

Step By Step Guide New iOS 12 Activation Lock Bypass Guide

Reboot the gadget by closing it down and playing Judas on. You’ll be welcomed with the iOS Setup Assistant. When you get to the screen that has you select a WiFi organize, tap on the Home catch and after that tap on More WiFi Settings. Next, tap on the “I” by a WiFi organize and select Manual in the “HTTP Proxy” segment.

Here’s the place it gets interesting, yet you’ll need to include 30 arbitrary emoticon symbols in the “Server” content box and after that write 8888 in the “Port” content box. From that point forward, tap Back and after that Next.

  1. The screen that you see when you want to start bypassing the lock looks like this:
  2. Press the Home Button
  3. Tap on WiFi settings. Tap on ‘i‘ symbol next to WiFi
  4. After this, you have to remove the current DNS settings, and type the DNS that’s shown below.
  5. USA/North America:
  6. Asia:
  7. Europe:
  8. Rest of the world:
  9. Tap on Back. Then tap on Done.
  10. Tap on Activation Help

You will see a notification that reads “You have successfully connected to my server“. Once connected to the server, you can access iCloud locked User Chat, Mail, Maps, YouTube, Audio, media and more.

Presently, you’ll need to keep on sliding to unlock and tap the dialect alternatives for a strong couple of minutes (watch the video above to watch it in real life). In the long run, you’ll boot into the home screen.

When you approach the home screen, you approach three applications: Phone, FaceTime, and Newsstand. Something essential to recollect is that you’ll have to play out a hard restart each time you open and close out of an application. You can do this by holding down the power catch and the Home catch in the meantime until the point that the iPhone’s screen goes dull.

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