iOS 12.1.1 IPSW Download Links: How To jailbreak iOS 12.2 Basic

Stop Looking, You Won’t Find Any (Public) iOS 12.1.1 To iOS 12.2 jailbreak Tool On The Web.

The following are links to IPSW firmware files hosted on Apple servers. For best results, right-click the link and choose ‘Save As’ and be sure the downloaded file has an iOS 12.1.1.ipsw file extension so that iTunes can recognize it: Yes, you definitely should. if you are not interested in jailbreak iOS 12.1.1 To iOS 12.2 Upcoming Huge Update. According to the security contents, iOS 12.1.1 fixes a major kernel-level exploit, which could lead to an iOS 12.2 jailbreak in the future, present in iOS 12.2 and below firmware. You have to keep on top of iOS 12.2 updates to make sure you don’t lose your iPhone XS, Max & iPhone XR jailbreak. Saurik recommends just waiting a few days until after an iOS update is released so that a jailbreak is available for the new version, which has been the standard jailbreak developers approach for a while now. And no, jailbreak iOS 12.1.1 To iOS 12.2 is not illegal so there is nothing to worry about there.

Download iOS 12.1.1 Update for iPhone & iPad [IPSW] MAC

Download iOS 12.1.1 Update for iPhone & iPad [IPSW] Windows

jailbreak iOS 12.2

iOS 12.1.1 is compatible with all iOS 12.2 compatible devices. This means the iPhone 5S or later, iPad mini 2 or later and 6th generation iPod touch or later. Compatible devices will be automatically prompted to upgrade but, if that doesn’t happen, you can manually trigger it by going to Settings > General > Software Update. Beta testers, you may need to unroll your device for iOS 12.1.1 to appear. iPhone XS, Max & XR are latest iPhones which is introduced with the iOS 12.2 release. These come with most powerful A12 bionic. According to iOS 12.2 experts, it is hard to Jailbreak this A12 Chip because it removes exploit vectors. However, all these valid until its release. As soon as it releases, Yuxigon Hackers Jailbreak it.That’s mean Yuxigon team achieves iOS 12.2 running iPhone XS jailbreak.

Updated Yuxigon iOS 12.2 Jailbreak For iPhone XS, Max & XR Download Links

  1. This new iOS 12.2 Jailbreak method introduced by the Chinese hacking team found from the Internet.
  2. According to this method, you should connect Yuxigon gadget to your iPhone or iPad lightning port.
  3. It will install a Yuxigon iOS 12.2 Jailbreak application and you need to run Jailbreak process with Yuxigon.
  4. Then you can install Jailbreak tweaks and the meson iOS 12.1.1 / iOS 12.2 devices.
  5. Yuxigon does not install Cydia for iOS 12.2 and It installs own app manager.

The new update weighs in at up to 350 MB. I say “up to”because different devices get different updates, so the update will be smaller on older models of iPhone and iPad.  What makes sense to the company is probably selling the exploit to the highest bidder or a private company for a hefty price. Nonetheless, it is good to see that Apple’s latest iOS build is jailbreak-able. Lian mentioned in his tweet that he will be demonstrating the iOS 12.1.1 To iOS 12.2 jailbreak at POC 2018 this Friday.