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Genuin iFunBox iOS 9.4 /9.4./ 9.4.2 iFunBox iOS 10 Install Without Jailbreak

Download iFunBox for iOS: iFunbox iOS 9.4 /9.4.1/9.4.2/ iOS 10 is now obtainable to Free download for everyone. iFunBox is a breakthrough application for all the iOS users who face trouble while using their iTunes. on the whole, it behaves as an iTunes alternative. iFunBox application for iOS 9.4.1 helps you revive your iPhones/iPads & lets you install several app you want with utmost ease. The major advantage which you obtain by using iFunBox is that you do not need to jailbreak your iOS 9.4 device. Yes you heard it correct. We here will be sharing the newest in sequence we have regarding the iFunBox for iOS 9.4 and also a simple process to download the iFunBox For iOS 9.4/9.4.1/9.4.2 devices.

Download iFunBox for 9.4 /9.4.1/9.4.2/ iOS 10

Latest iOS 9.3.2 To iOS 9.4, 9.4.1 With iOS 10 Updates Here

iOS 9.4 iFunbox
iOS 9.4 iFunbox

IFunbox for iOS 9.4 has been one of the greater Installations alternative you will ever see. though there are numerous high-quality alternates like vShare and AppSync but nothing beats the original iOS 9.4 iFunbox. for the reason that of its extreme simple usage, it is most awaited tool for which jailbreak community anxiously wait for. previous we have shared iFunbox for iOS 9.4 other than that is at the present outdated as new version has been released.

Compatible iDevice include Download iFunBox:

  • iOS 9.4 iFunbox for iPhone 6S
  • iOS 9.4 iFunbox for iPhone 6S Plus
  • iOS 9.4 iFunbox for iPhone 6
  • iOS 9.4 iFunbox for iPhone 6 Plus
  • iOS 9.4 iFunbox for iPhone 5S
  • iOS 9.4 iFunbox for iPhone 5
  • iOS 9.4 iFunbox for iPhone 4S
  • iOS 9.4 iFunbox for iPad Air 2
  • iOS 9.4 iFunbox for iPad Air
  • iOS 9.4 iFunbox for iPad Mini 4
  • iOS 9.4 iFunbox for iPad Mini 3
  • iOS 9.4 iFunbox for iPad Mini
  • iOS 9.4 iFunbox for iPod Touch

Compatible iOS versions iFunbox Download:

  • iOS 9.1 iFunbox
  • iOS 9.2 iFunbox
  • iOS 9.3 iFunbox
  • iOS 9.4 iFunbox
  • iOS 9.4 .1 iFunbox
  • iOS 9.4.2 iFunbox
  • iOS 9.4 .3 iFunbox

iFunBox For iOS 9.4 /9.4.1 /9.4.2 /10 Install iFunbox On iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch 4g And iFunbox For Windows&Mac OS X Without Jailbreak:

  1. Download iFunBox iOS 9.4 setup from this download link.
  2. Install the iFunbox iOS 9.4 app through executing the setup file.
  3. Download ipa files for the application you wish to install.
  4. You can free download ipa file from various websites. One such website
  5. At the present open the iFunBox app on mac.
  6. Connect your idevice & yous hall see it in the left panel of iFunBox iOS 9.4.1.
  7. You require to select the user apps from the left panel.
  8. Currently choose Install Application and you will be prompted to select the ipa file.
  9. Browse & select the appropriate ipa file.
  10. The installation will begin & you will be notified once it gets over.

There are a lot of benefits of iFunbox for iOS 9.4 like you can with no trouble sync your files with your PC, transfer data with ease, use ringtone of your liking instead of some pre-loaded ringtones with no jailbreaking your iPhones and iPads. Although Apple has limited the powers of such 3rd party applications in iOS 9, but still there is much which iOS 9.4 iFunbox can do for you which include ability to install apps from iPA files, making backup of installed paid and free apps, transferring of data and much more.