iCloud DNS Bypass 2023

How to Bypass iCloud Activation Lock on iPhone/iPad 2023

Here is the article we will share a trick on how to bypass iCloud Activation Lock 2023 on iPhone, iPad. Knowing how to bypass iCloud Activation may be useful when you happen to find an iPhone that belongs to someone else and being the Good that you are, you wish to return the iPhone to the owner.

iCloud Activation Lock is one of the security features of iPhone who gives they users secure access to all personal and private details stored on the iPhone. But what about when you need to remove iCloud activation lock to return the iPhone to its owner? You don’t know about it, right? Continue reading the article below that will help you to bypass iCloud Activation Lock on any iPhone/iPad.

Bypass iCloud Activation Lock 2023 Software Download Mac

Bypass iCloud Activation Lock 2023 Software Download Windows

iCloud DNS Bypass 2023
iCloud DNS Bypass 2023

How to Bypass iCloud Activation Lock on iPhone/iPad 2023

If you wish to return the iPhone you found, probably the contact number and even the e-mail id of the owner. You don’t have access to these if the iPhone is locked. Unfortunately, even the custom message set by the owner can’t help you, cos the iPhone is on “iPhone on Lost Mode“, so you cannot see the custom message.

This will cover everything you need to bypass iCloud activation lock.

Important: This article on removing iCloud activation lock is only for educational use and for the good intention to return the iPhone to its owner. ne Adviser and authors do not take any  responsibility for any violations access and legal issues that may arise out by bypassing iCloud account lock.

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Steps to Bypass iCloud Activation Lock 2023

#1. This is the screen you see when you start bypassing the Activation lock:

iCloud DNS Bypass 2023
iCloud DNS Bypass 2023

#2. Now press Home Button

#3. Tap on WiFi settings. Tap on ‘i‘ symbol next to WiFi

#4. After this, you remove the current DNS settings, and type the DNS shown below.

*USA/North America:
*Rest of the world:

#5. Press on Back. Then press on Done.

#6. Press on Activation Help

Now you will see the notification “You have successfully connected to my server“. Once connected to the server, you can access iCloud locked User Chat, Mail, Maps, YouTube, Audio, media and more.

iCloud DNS Bypass 2023
iCloud DNS Bypass 2023

How To Bypass Activation Lock 2023 Permanently

With the steps shown below you can bypass activation lock permanently.

  • Click on Menu. Head to Applications. Click on Applications
  • Click on Crash. You will see the Apple logo on the screen
  • Select language and country. Click on Home Button
  • Select WIFI Settings. Tap on ‘i‘. Scroll down and tap on Menu under HTTP Proxy
  • Click on Globe on the keyboard. Now click 15 to 30 random characters and type “8888” in front of Port
  • Tap on Back. Then tap on Next

Than complete a few sliding steps and continue clicking the language options for 2-3 minutes straight without pausing. This will lead you to the home screen of the iPhone. Once there, you can access FaceTime, Newsstand, and Phone. You have to restart the iPhone if you open one of the apps.

iCloud DNS Bypass 2023
iCloud DNS Bypass 2023

In some cases, it may happen to buy a used iPhone only to find that the iCloud account is locked. Sellers for some reason have kept their iCloud account locked. So you can save some money if you know how to remove iCloud lock by yourself.

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