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How to Downgrade iOS 8.2 and Restore iOS 8.1.2 – 8.1.3 Step By Step

Easy Way To Downgrade iOS 8 to iOS 7.1.2

This step by step would assist you to downgrade iOS 8.2 back to iOS 8.1.2 or 8.1.3 whatever you want & restore 8.1.2 back from iOS 8 version…

Usually, it’s too simple to downgrade iOS 8.2 to iOS 8.1.2 or 8.1.3, other than, because Apple developers has stopped signing iOS 8.1.2 firmware, its becomes tough to tweak with the firmware to come back to downgrade iOS 8.1.2 from iOS 8.2.

Apple iOS 8.2 developers unveiled iOS 8.2 to test, though, a lot of excited users have upgraded iOS 8.1.2 to iOS 8.2. Actually, iOS 8.2 version needs many improvements before final release & has lots of bugs to be fixed. at the present the users, who have upgraded to iOS 8.2, need to downgrade iOS 8.2 to iOS 8.1.2 once more

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 How to Downgrade iOS 8.2
How to Downgrade iOS 8.2 and Restore iOS 8.1.2 – 8.1.3

How to Downgrade iOS 8.2 to iOS 8.1.3

Apple developers has already stopped signing iOS 8.1.2, iOS 8.1.3 & iOS 8.1, so if you want to downgrade to iOS 8.1.2 otherwise 8.1.3, you cannot. now Apple developers signs iOS 8.2 & consequently you can downgrade iOS 8.2 to iOS 8.1.2 or iOS 8.1.3 at the last. Now, there are a number of problems. You have to fasten iTunes errors, if occurs & follow a number of trouble-free steps to restore iOS 8.1.2.

How to Restore iOS 8.1.2

  1. Download iOS 8.1.2 latest otherwise iOS 8.1.3 IPSW files
  2. Download & update most recent iTunes
  3. Backup your data in iphone
  4. position your iPad Mini, iPad Air, iPhone or iPod Touch what on earth you have on DFU mode.
  5. Press Alt/Option & hold to open restore options.
  6. decide iOS 8.1.3 IPSW files to reinstate from iOS 8.2
  7. verify the actions for iOS 8.2  Downgrade
  8.  Downgrade iOS 8.2 just complete