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Free Install Noctis12 – iOS 13 jailbreak Various apps, banners, widgets and more in dark mode! Customize to your favorite color

Free Install Noctis12

Introduction of ” Noctis12 ” that can be forced into dark mode such as various applications and banners, Can We Install As Noctis12 Free Version.

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Many people like black-based “dark mode”, and recently dark mode functionality has been added on a per-app basis. But many things are not. 
So ” Noctis12 in” dark mode the whole iOS or forced to dark mode of the various applications can be. 

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Also, you can customize the color, so if the black color is a little … you can make it gray or a completely different color.

Detailed information


Price:$ 1.49 ($ 1.12 for NoctisXI purchasers)
Author:LaughingQuoll Noctis12
Repo (distributor):Packix (


Register the following repository in Cydia and install ” Noctis12 ” after purchase procedure .

Purchase method [ How to Buy a “paid jailbreak app” from Packix repository , please refer to].[ Https:// ]

Cydia iOS 13
Free Install Noctis12

App introduction

When using ” Noctis12 “, it is possible to put apps in dark mode ! 

Normally, even apps that do not have dark mode can be forced into dark mode. 

There is also a theme, so if you want to say, for example, black is too tight, you can switch to gray-based dark mode! 

Also, you can set application / non-application on an app-by-app basis, so let’s turn off apps that have problems.

using ” Noctis12 Install Free

Also for your favorite color

The main purpose is dark mode … but the app can be customized to the color of your choice, so you can make these extraordinary colors. 
In addition, five commonly used colors such as “background” and “text” can be set individually.


Website also in dark mode

The color of websites with a lot of white bases is of concern when darkening the app. In Noctis12, the site can also be forced into dark mode. 
However, because this is a dark mode by changing the CSS, display collapse may occur depending on the site.

Noctis12 Install

Notification banner, dock, folder

Not only apps, but also notification banners , home screen docks , folder backgrounds, etc. can be turned into dark mode.


Notification Center & Widget

Dark mode is also possible for parts such as the notification center and widgets . 
There are special settings for the blur effect, such as the notification banner, notification center, and widgets, and you can finely adjust the blur density.


Other alerts and menus

In addition, various modes of iOS such as alerts, shared menus, and control centers can be put into dark mode. These parts can be turned on and off individually, so apply them to your liking!


important point

As mentioned above, if you forcibly change the color of the app, display collapse may occur in some apps. For example, the character color and the background color are similar, and cannot be read. 
Therefore, basically, it is recommended to enable only the application you want to switch to dark mode andset the color setting to match it.

Setting method

It is done from “ Noctis12 ” item added in the setting application . 
“ Enable ”: Enables the function 
Blur Settings ]: Detailed settings relate to blurring (described later) 
Application Settings ]: Detailed settings related to colors in the application (described later) 
“ Enabled Applications ”: App to change color is on to 
” Triggers “: select the Activator gesture for switching on and off of Noctis 
Patches ]: apply settings of various small parts (see below)

” Dark Folders “: folder the dark mode of 
” Dark Dock “: Dark mode the dock 
” Dark Widgets “: a dark mode of widget 
” Dark Notifications “: dark mode of the notification 
” Dark Media “: Dark mode a media controller of 
” dark Alets “: dark mode the alert

“ Respring ”: Applies to respring after changing settings

Blur Settings

Detaile settings relate to blurry parts such as notification banners, notification history, and widgets.

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” Select Profile “: Select from the included themes

Free Install Noctis12 For Application Settings

Detailed settings for shades applied within the app.

” Select Profile “: Select from the included themes

” Enable Settings “: Use the following personal settings instead of themes.

“ Primary Color ”: Select the first color (used for the background, etc.) 
“ Secondary Color ”: Select the second color (used for the background of the navigation bar, etc.) 
“ Text Color ”: Select the main text color 
“ Secondary Text Color ”: Select the second text color 
” Tint Color “: Select the color used in other (the number of used parts is less)


“ Invert Page Dots ”: Page dots in black 
“ Messages Reply Notification ”: Dark mode for message replies from notifications 
“ Dark Reply Headers ”: Message reply headers in dark mode 
“ White Header Text ”: Launch headers for notifications in white : 
“ Launch Screens ”: App launch image in black 
“ Dark CC ”: Toggle control center in dark mode 
“ Dark Keyboard ”: Keyboard in black 
“ Ignore Device Alerts ”: Enable dark CSS for alerts when devices are connected 
“ Enable Dark CSS ”: Dark mode for websites 
“ Share Sheets ”: Dark mode for shared menus

” Enable Settings “: Use personal settings instead of themes. There are many settings related to blur, so you can make fine adjustments with a slider. The adjustment is a little cumbersome because it won’t be apply without restringing.