Using Chimera? iOS 12.3 Jailbreak Apple’s Latest Update for A12-A12X Devices

Chimera is actually good, I struggled at first when jailbreak iOS 12.3 as it said a reboot is required to complete jailbreak but when i tapped jailbreak the same thing would pop up, until I did it like the 5th time and it successfully worked.

iOS 12.3 Jailbreak fans will be excited to hear that there’s finally an easier-to-use tool to jailbreak devices running on iOS 12.3. This does include full support for Apple’s A12(X) devices meaning that iPhone XS and 2019 iPad Pro owners are covered.
Known issues:

Issues jailbreak A12X iPad Pro

Issues jailbreak iOS 12.3.1 beta

Preference Loader does not work (not an issue with Chimera)

iOS 12.3 Jailbreak Chimera
iOS 12.3 Jailbreak
iOS 12.3 Jailbreak

This step-by-step guide will help you jailbreak an iPhone XS, XS Max or XR using Electra’s Chimera tool for iOS 12.3.

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iOS 12.3 Jailbreak? Apple Makes Jailbreak Hard A12 Latest Update 

[Tutorial] How to jailbreak A12 device using Chimera and fix Preference Issues.

Download Chimera jailbreak IPA from here. You will also need to make sure that you have Cydia Impactor installed on your PC or Mac. Cydia Impactor is a free download available from

Description: Chimera jailbreak is a jailbreak tool for iOS 12 devices that also supports A12 devices such as iPhone XS, iPhone XR, and the newest iPads.

Developer Chimera jailbreak: Electra Team

Chimera jailbreak IPA Version: 1.0.2

jailbreak Chimera IPA Size: 65.8 MB

Last updated: Apr 30, 2019

iOS 12.3 jailbreak Updates

The Electra Team released Chimera this week, and it’s the first jailbreak covering iOS 12.3 through iOS 12.3.1. You may have missed the news but Chimera jailbreak is out now, and with it comes the ability to jailbreak devices running iOS 12.3 through to iOS 12.3.1.

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Just saw it, Damn i was hoping to try Chimera out with the chance to go back if it wasn’t stable enough. Its too much to set up to lose it now so i’ll wait to see how people’s iOS 12.3 jailbreak act and if theirs battery improvement before commuting to switch.