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‘Brenbreak’ jailbreak

Is it Still Worth @NedWilliamson Tweet iOS 13 Jailbreak Your iPhone 6s | 7Plus?


Apple’s new iOS 13 software for iPhones, with a bunch of new features. Is now available in beta here’s how to download it. The ability to jailbreak iOS devices has been around for almost as long as iOS itself has been. But what exactly is […]

Have You Apple Watch? |‘Brenbreak’ jailbreak for watchOS 4.0-5.1.2 Teas For Q4

‘Brenbreak’ jailbreak for watchOS 4.0

‘Brenbreak.exe’ watchOS 4.0-5.1.2 jailbreak Some folks have been jailbreak Watch OS 4.0-5.1.2 their iPhones and iPads for many years. Not so much their Apple Watche That could all change in the not-so-distant future. Developer @ethanpepro who was working on an Apple Watch jailbreak. He has […]