1st Fix Jailbreak – 2nd Step Bypass iCloud iOS 15.5-15.6

Dev Team PRO RAM V5.6 is a Disable and Passcode Bypass program that works with Sim, Facetime, and iCloud Sign in. This tool requires a jailbreak. While thieves might want to activate stolen phones to be able to sell them too, there are legitimate reasons why someone would bypass iCloud and those reasons don’t involve criminal activity.

Jailbreak iOS 15.5 Software Download Links For MAC

Jailbreak iOS 15.5 Software Download Links For Windows

Bypass iCloud iOS 15.5
Bypass iCloud iOS 15.5

Versions 6s to X and 13 pro max, as well as versions 14 to 15.5, are supported. With this program, we can now bypass the signal deactivation and passcode on iOS 15.5 (15.6 and the newest version).

It is a premium-paid tool that requires ecid registration before use. It also works with iOS 11 and is the most recent version of the tool. The LU team created this utility.

DevTeam PRO RAM V5.6 Latest Setup (Free Tool) Bypass iCloud iOS 15.5 passcode

Dev Team PRO RAM V4.0 Free Programs Bypass + FMI + Proxy We are not against free programs but, we always remember that providing a quality service improves your reputation with your customers, using free programs you will always run into these errors.

Software Download Links MAC

iOS 15.5 Software Download Links Windows

Legitimate reasons why iCloud activation bypass may be needed

  • You bought the device second-hand and got scammed. Sure, sites like eBay allow you to report that the device is locked and you get your money back, but eBay is just one platform.
  • In many countries, websites like Craigslist or other classifieds websites / Facebook groups exist for buying and selling locally. This does not provide any sort of protection against being scammed with locked devices.
  • You bought a device that is not iCloud locked, but it’s SIM locked. You wouldn’t be able to activate an iPhone locked to say Verizon or AT&T that you bought from eBay if you live in Europe and have no such SIM Card.
  • Chances are you don’t have the right SIM card because the carrier doesn’t operate in your country. In this case, the device refuses to activate because you don’t have the right SIM card.
  • Unless you can get the correct SIM card from somewhere, iCloud Bypass iOS 15.5 is the only solution, even if this has nothing to do with iCloud.
  • You forgot your Apple ID or password. It happens, especially if you made a quick throwaway just to get apps and you didn’t know your whole phone would remain tied to that throwaway account. There is, however, a better solution in this case.
  • Go to any Apple Store with the proof of purchase (receipt) and the device and they will unlock the device for you. This is only practical if you still have the receipt and you have an official Apple Store in your country. Many countries don’t.

How does iCloud Activation Bypass work?

Usually, the application that handles the activation of the device in the foreground is the Setup.app. This application runs when you set the device up for the first time and it allows you to select the language, WiFi network, Siri settings, and input the Apple ID and Password for iCloud activation amongst other things. It’s the infamous “Hello” screen.

Bypass iCloud (No notifications, no shutdown, no code)

IMF Off (50% effective, error 401,434)

Proxy  (no storage, the key changed 30%)

In the background, daemons like lockdownd, fairplayd, etc. This checks the activation status and issues the necessary requests to the Apple Albert server which handles activation and enables Push Notifications once the device is activated.

Normally iCloud Activation works by issuing a request to albert.apple.com which contains device info such as Serial Number, IMEI, model, iOS version, SIM ID, etc. The server returns back a ticket if the device is not locked, or a request for Apple ID and Password if the device is iCloud locked.

Once the correct credentials are sent to Apple, the server generates and returns an Activation Ticket (also known as a WildCard Ticket) which then allows the device to continue with the Setup.

After activation, lockdown daemon continues to monitor the activation status periodically and will send you back to the activation screen if something goes wrong and the device is deactivated somehow.

iCloud Bypass tool works by either skipping the Setup.app altogether, or by faking Factory Mode on the device, which makes the phone think it’s activated at the factory. These methods are the most common thanks to CheckRa1n jailbreak but have a major drawback. If these steps do not persist after reboot and need to be re-done, most importantly, SIM card feature will not work at all. No calls or texts via SIM card. In fact, you would have No Service.

WiFi works, you can download apps, use them, connect to the internet, etc. but you will have no cellular coverage.

Apple iPhone, iPad, iPod MDM Profile Bypass
All iOS versions and all iOS 15.5 – 15.6 Devices Supported!

Process Time: 10 minutes GMT +6 
(All orders placed outside business hours will be ready the next business day)

Update, full reset, or restore from old backup is not supported – device will be locked again
Check your device Find my iPhone ON/OFF Before order – (its must be OFF)

Pay for activation only once, in case of a reset,
You can unlock your device for free and unlimited times.
The serial number is permanently entered into the database.

Please do not place an order if you do not agree to these terms.

How it works?

1. Place an order and add the Serial Number of the device to the order notes

2. Restore your device to the latest version of iOS (use iTunes non Microsoft Store version or 3uTools)

3. Download MDM Bypass software (Mac OS / Windows 10 and newer) and we will give you a link

4. Connect the device and click Bypass MDM (Device must show in MDM software)

5. Done! If you see recovery on the screen, it means that the process has been completed successfully.
 Wait until device restarted, and setup as new.

NOTE: For windows users, antivirus and firewall protection should be disabled.

Windows 7 is not supported – please use Windows 10 and newer or Mac OS


  • Press IPWNDFU after putting the device into DFU.
  • Go to RamDisk and choose it.
  • Check SSH by clicking the button (if there is an error, reopen the tool and click again).
  • Select Restore Activation from the drop-down menu.

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