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2015 iTools iOS 8.3 Download construct 1025E download supervisor iPhone

iPhone iTools supervisor 2015 make 1025E is the greatest iTunes option. It not merely supervise files and folders, other than to let to iPA install apps simply. Currently it Download iTools iOS 8.3  

2015 iTools latest construct 1025 English version has been issued the Chinese expanders. iOS 8.3, 8.3.1 and iTunes 11.1.2 support has been additional to the newest iTools 2013. Construct 1025E is final iPhone supervisor that comes by a selection of features which you cannot get in iTunes.

Download iTools for iOS 8.3 (Windows)

Download iTools_2015 ( windows )

Download iTools_2015 ( Mac )

iOS 8.3 iTools is iPhone supervisor that position files, folders and apps additional simply and rapidly than iTunes. iTunes does not have support to iPA install files, whereas 2015  iTools construct 1025E has the aptitude to supervise iPA apps. Consumer be able to install and uninstall iPA apps additional rapidly than your real iPhone, iPad otherwise iPod Touch.

There has been additional a group of latest instruments such because Ringtone creator, Photo organization, speak to supervisor etc. A latest Christmas skin has been additional into latest iPhone iTools iOS 8.3 supervisor. iTools 2015 1025E has far improved features than iFunBox and additional iTunes option instruments.Top of Form

Jailbreak iOS 8.3 newest and Apps Cydia for Free

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By this latest issue, the expanders have fixed a lot of bugs and better consumer border and features. A brand new App store has been additional that supports iOS iPhone 5S, 5C and iPad 4, Air and iPad Mini 2. iPhone iTools supervisor is completely compatible by newest iTunes 11.1.2.

iPhone iTools iOS 8.3 supervisor Features

Download iTools for iOS 8.3 (Windows)

Download itools_2015 ( windows )

Download itools_2015 ( Mac )

  • In a short recap, now get a look at features…
  • 2015 iOS 8.3 iTools Build 1025E supports latest iOS 8.3 and with 8.3.1
  • It is 100% compatible by newest iTunes 11.1.2 and has extra features that iTunes 11.1.2
  • It supports every newest iOS devices such since iPhone 5S, 5C, iPad Air, iPad Mini, iPod Touch and every Apple devices.
  •  A brand new App store has been additional to iTools 2015 construct 1025E English version.
  • A latest Christmas skin has been additional in this issue by a little UI development.
  •  iTools iPhone supervisor works for together jailbroken and non jailbroken iOS 8.3 devices. Together kind of iOS Devices be able to iPA install files.

Update: You be able to iOS 8.3 iTools download iPhone software for Mac OS X 10.6 or 10.7, 10.8. It has additional features than Windows compatible version. As fine, it find additional precise and reliable inform.


iTools iOS 8.3 Windows supports latest iTunes and iOS 8.3 Devices, thus, absolutely its superior than iTunes. though, it’s fairly easy and barely comes in English version.

Condition you have not superior choice to install and handle installed apps, you be able to attempt 2015 iTools Download for iOS 8.3 construct 1025 English version.

Download iTools 2015 for iOS 8.2 Windows foreword

Download iTools iOS 8.2 is totally free which you be able to harmonize your iPhone, iPad otherwise iPod by no problem by Personal Computer. iOS 8.2 iTools be able to straight  iPhone’s Apps, records, Music videos and Songs by Personal Computer. Transport your files directly from computer to iPhone otherwise download files from iPhone to computer. iTools iOS 8.2 expanded using ThinkSky supporting together Windows OS and Mac OS.

iTools Download iOS 8.2 has extremely high ratings on a group of download software sites, which verify consumer friendly. iTools iOS 8.2 hold approximately every features essential via an iOS Device consumer really extra than iTunes and iOS 8.2 iFunbox. This software well-matched by each sequence of iPhones, iPads and iPods. iTools Download the majority new version from directly download links.

Download iTools_2015 ( windows )

Download iTools_2015 ( Mac )

Download iTools for iOS 8.2 (Windows)

iTools is trending freeware to oversee several Apple iOS device on several iOS version. Better than iTunes and packed additional features than iOS 8.2 iFunbox.   iOS 8.2 iTools is a copy and leave software which does not require fitting. iTools iOS 8.2   let you to admittance and straight your iPhone messages, Notes, Pictures, File scheme, Music, Apps and a group of additional. hold every features of iTunes and iFunbox while carry you very much extra worthier military. Watch our iTools video for get a tour throughout iTools border.

iTools iOS 8.2 information border

iTools iOS 8.2 information border is similar to iTunes early border. additional than little bit instructive and senior that iTunes. This screen show your iPhone’s type, sequential number, Jailbrokes place, Region, assurance information, Activated place, reminiscence information and Battery life information. It too offers you a key to turn on WiFi.

iTools iOS 8.2 Applications

Applications screen offer you each services to Install, Uninstall and surf iPhone memory’s Application division by iTools iOS 8.2. modernize tab of the top of iTools iOS 8.2 windows shows statement which necessitate inform. A further tab to upload otherwise download documents gives to precise an app. Ex. Media players, document readers, Etc.